Parkhurst State School

Welcome to Parkhurst State School, a learning community widely recognised  for its caring, supportive and inclusive environment provided by a team of professional personnel working in partnership with our parents and wider community. Our vision is for every Parkhurst learner to be literate, numerate, safe, happy and learning every day, delivered through our shared values or 5Rs of respect, responsibility, rigour, resilience and relationships. These values drive our excellent reputation and assist our learners to become active, informed citizens of the twenty first century.

We aim to realise this vision by creating and delivering inclusive and innovative learning environments that are enthusiastic and exciting whilst providing challenge and support through a range of partnerships to enable all learners to achieve their individual potential. We are well respected across all sectors of education and the wider community for maintaining our consistent approach to academic, sporting and cultural excellence.

Our school is well resourced with consistent curriculum offerings focused on developing a range of knowledges and skills for the future. The school comprises four dynamic teams, referred to as Learning Neighbourhoods that promote curriculum consistency and a sense of belonging for staff and learners.

We’re situated on a campus of 3.5 hectares, with a school oval, grounds and playground facilities for all year levels. Learners have access to a large Assembly Area (the ‘AA’), Multipurpose Court and our flexible teaching and learning facility, known as ‘Zone 21′ that comprises a state of the art Computer Centre, Library, Theatre and Seminar Rooms. Every learning space is WiFi enabled, has a suite of computers, iPads, Interactive Panels and other peripherals to enhance teaching and learning.

Parkhurst State School received the State Showcase Award for Excellence in Innovation for our use of ICTs within learning and became a Promethean Centre of Excellence for our combined leadership in the use of interactive whiteboards and associated technologies supporting schools across the Central Queensland and beyond.

Parkhurst State School is a Microsoft Worldwide Pathfinder School as part of the prestigious Microsoft Innovative Schools Program, recognised internationally for of our commitment to delivering a quality 21st century education for the range of contemporary learners.

As Parkhurst State School continues to grow from strength to strength, our focus on every learner as an individual will never be compromised through our mantra of ‘the village raises the child’. This shared commitment was recognised in 2016, being awarded the Regional Showcase Award for Excellence in Inclusive Education.

If you are interested in joining our school community, we look forward to meeting with you.

Kind regards,

Lyle Walker

Key Documents
School Strategic Plan
2018 Priority
2018 Annual Improvement Plan
2018 Investing for Success Agreement
Investing for Success 2017 Snapshot Report
School Improvement Unit Executive Summary Report 2018
School Annual Report 2017

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