At Parkhurst State School, STEAME (Science-Technology- Engineering-The Arts-Mathematics-The Environment) activities and challenges are designed and implemented in classrooms, learning neighbourhoods and as part of whole of school challenge days. STEAME challenges focus on developing higher order thinking skills, key knowledge and concepts as well as using a range of digital technologies. STEAME challenges provide opportunities for all learners and their teachers to collaborate in 'real life' tasks that promote collaboration and creativity.

Island rescue sphero challenge

Learners were challenged to design and construct a water craft that could rescue stranded people on nearby islands in extreme weather conditions. Learners were provided with resources and materials to utilise. The craft had to fit over a Sphero. Learners then had to navigate their sphero and attached device to rescue stranded people. The Sphero was controlled by a coded navigation path or via the iPads joy stick function.

Balloon rocket challenge

This challenge involved learners to construct a balloon rocket using the materials provided to determione the fastest rocket in the school from each class and the rocket that would travel the greatest distance. A variety of internet videos were provided to set the scene as well as a detailed task sheet. Each class entered a rocket in each category with the distance and time recorded.

Documentary challenge

Learners and their teachers collaborated to create a two minute documentary that addressed an issue within the school. Points were awarded for creativity, the use of special effects, composing their own soundtrack and their use of the camera. Documentaries were played at the Parkhurst Film Festival that afternoon, followed by an awards ceremony. A range of resources, including online links were provided to assist with the process.

Mathematics team challenge

Our mathematics challenge provided an opportunity for classes to earn the maximum number of points possible by completing a minimum number of mathematics related problems across each of the strands. Tasks included hands on construction, problem solving, measurment, chance and data, space, number calculations and mass. Tasks were weighted according to their complexity and a range of activities were applicable for learners from Prep to Year Seven.

Class canvas challenge

Classes were issued the challenge to collaboratively create a class canvas that captured a word drawn from a hat. Canvases were created according to set criteria and media. Canvases were displayed as a part of State Education Week and currently adorn the walls of the administration building for all to see.

Fashion design challenge

Classes were challenged to design two outfits around a chosen theme using garbage bags and recyclable materials to present at a fashion parade. They were also asked to produce a photographic layout for a fashion magazine, a unique piece of music to showcase the outfits and a detailed marketing plan, including advertisements.

Quiz show challenge

Neighbourhoods were issued the challenge to develop a multimedia presentation to inform others of their year long global and informed citizenship projects. Neighbourhoods also composed a set of questions relating to their projects to test the knowledge of a representative from each neighbourhood. Other parts of the challenge included the creation of a banner, newsletter article, advertising poster, entry song, mascot and item of distinct clothing for their neighbourhood representative.

Problem solving challenge

Last reviewed 01 March 2019
Last updated 01 March 2019